Race report CCC 2016

The days before the race we walked around in Chamonix, got familiar with the town, watched the first TDS runners cross the finish line and talked about when we were going to cross it. We picked up our race bibs in good time before the race and watched a lot of excited runners go about their business. I did some complementary shopping to manage the heat. I did a post about PACKING FOR CCC earlier but I did some last minute changes. I replaced my buff for a lighter one, I ditched my wind jacket because my base layer was sufficient to comply with the rules and the last, and maybe the most important, change I did was replacing my black t-shirt with a light white t-shirt. I’m so happy I did this last change, running in the heat with a black shirt would for sure have ended me.

finish line

selfie with race gear

course profile

Race day

I got up early on race day, everything was prepared the day before, a bag for the finish line was packed, breakfast was made and all gear packed and ready. I put on all my race clothes and walked to the bus that was going to take us to Courmayeur and the start. Had breakfast on the bus, filled with with runners, and made the last preparations when we got there and headed to the start. Thousands of runners were standing there eager to get out on the trails. Music was playing and the speaker was talking excitedly. I was in the first start group so I had a pretty good view on everything that was going on.

all gear packed... <a href=read more

Packing for CCC

This will be the first time I run any of the UTMB races. I’m really looking forward to it and this new type of trail. Sweden and Stockholm in particular is rather flat compared to the alpes. It’ll be interesting to see how the body reacts to a lot of vertical.

I haven’t done much running since Swedish Alpine Ultra but my legs feel ok and I’ve been commuting to work by bike to get some alternative training. I’ve never run with poles before so I’ve been concentrating on getting used to them up and down smaller hills around Stockholm. I think I’m as physically ready as I can hope to be. Now I just need to get my gear in order. I did some looking around the old interwebs after seeing the obligatory equipment list and found some useful info. So I thought I’d give you my take on packing incase you or someone else might need it in the future.

A definitive list of obligatory equipment can be found at the UTMB website.

equipment laid out on floor

Obligatory equipment

Mobile phone with option enabling its use in the three countries

I’ll just use my iPhone 5SE, it should work fine. I’ve also saved the organizations number to my contacts.

Personal beaker 15cl. minimum

I will use the Salomon soft cup 15ml

Stock of water minimum 1 litre

I use the Salomon S-lab Sense Ultra Set (3l) running vest which comes with two 500ml soft flasks. But this year it’s going to be extremely hot with 32C at 1000m so it’s necessary to have a stock of 2 litres. I’ll carry two extra soft flasks in my pack to use if necessary.

Two torches in good working condition with replacement... read more

Race Report Swedish Alpine Ultra 2016

Let’s start from the beginning. I’ve had, not a terrible, but not a great pre-season heading upp to SAU. I did Ursvik Ultra in an ok time, not as well as I’d hoped but still ok. You can read a short report on that race here. But after that I couldn’t really get into running again, something was always aching or I’d get a cold. So when it was finally time for SAU, I hadn’t gotten the milage I wanted and I didn’t feel I was in the best shape for this race. As an extra icing on the cake I had, just two days before the race, cut the tip of my thumb off whilst chopping an onion. Exactly what you need before a race in the mountains with no aid stations, exposed wounds.

The day before the race I went for an easy test run along Kungsleden, but almost immediately I felt something was wrong. I got dizzy and really tired just after a couple of kilometers. I turned back and felt extremely hungry even though I had been eating well all day and just finished off a plate of fish and potatoes. I started to doubt I could do the race when I felt like I did. 107 kilometers in the mountains is not something you want to do if you’re not feeling 100%.

After my run we all went to the chapel for the regular pre race meeting. We got some info on the trail, it was looking good this year with little snow and good conditions overall, and had a few laughs.

kebnekaise in the distance

Race day

I woke up early on race day, hoping breakfast would be served a little earlier than announced. Unfortunately it... read more

Race Report Ursvik Ultra 2016

Off to a bad start

I had been running all day because of a course I was taking to become a certified running coach so my legs were not happy. I had decided to get some sleep before the race that was starting at midnight. So I set my alarm with plenty of time to get ready and transport myself to the start, then I went to bed. I woke up a few hours later in panic, I had overslept. I called a taxi and threw on all my clothes and running gear. Jumped into the taxi and told the driver to step on it. I got there in time to register and headed straight for the start and we were off.

gear on the floor

As it turned out, in my recently awoken state of mind I had put on way to much clothes, it was hot, but I didn’t have time to change clothes, I’d just have to make due. First lap went really well, I could keep good pace and my legs felt fine. The only problem I had at the moment was too much clothes, I was sweating a lot but it didn’t bother me too much.

“Everything went fine until just before I was done with the second lap where my legs went numb.”

Second lap

Just after the start of the second lap I notices Sten Osvärn was just ahead of me. We had finished first on Swedish Alpine Ultra hand in hand two years earlier. I knew he would keep good pace so I felt good being just behind him. But after a while he stopped to do something and I passed him. Still feeling strong I kept up my pace. Everything went fine until... read more

Race report Swedish Alpine Ultra 2014

Med stor tveksamhet anmälde jag mig till Swedish Alpine Ultra i höstas. Jag hade tidigare sprungit Fjällräven Classic på drygt 16 timmar och svor på att aldrig mer springa den sträckan när jag stapplade in i mål. Men minnet är, som de säger, kort på både gott och ont, och efter lite påtryckningar av min bror, Jonas, som också skulle springa, skickade jag iväg min anmälan. Tiden gick, med skador och sjukdom om vartannat och plötsligt var det bara två månader kvar och jag hade fått ihop knappa 10 sporadiska mil under året. Jag var när på att ge upp redan där, vad tjänade det till när jag inte fått till något riktigt träningsflyt och tiden rusade fram. Men jag höll mig från att göra det, för något inom mig sa att det var möjligt att slå tiden jag gjorde på Fjällräven.

Jag började få flyt i träningen och kunde komma upp i 7-8 mil per vecka, sjukdomarna höll sig borta och skadorna likaså. Jag hade initialt tänkt springa loppet i mina Fivefingers sprint, som jag vanligen varvar med barfotalöpning, men när jag fått ihop så få mil började jag tveka. Jag började leta efter ett alternativ och bestämde mig för Merells Trail Glove 2, som fortfarande ger barfotakänsla men har lite extra gummi under foten. Jag beställde skorna, men leveransen tog tid, med två veckor kvar till start dök de äntligen upp. Tiden gick och jag hade nästan fått ihop 50 mil på lite mindre än två månader, dock vara bara cirka 4 av dessa i mina nya skor, som dessutom skavde en del runt fotknölarna, dock var det nu försent att ändra skovalet. Men med mindre än en vecka kvar fick jag känning i vänstra hälsenan på ett lätt milspass. Jag hoppades att det bara var något tillfälligt... read more